Future Alternatives Discussion

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Winston Churchill said: "Those who fail to learn history are condemned to repeat it".  (But then he may just have hoped you would buy his History books?)

So, although this is an attempt to help resolve what should happen in the future it concentrates mostly on WWT's 31 year history of investigations, ambitious plans successes and disappointments and then tries to summarize how we can apply lessons learnt to the future.

The following has been prepared to give a brief overview of the past and possibilities for the future.

  Pastand Future Overview_prepared for WWT_EGM_November_2019.pdf [ Rev 2 1400hrs 12/11/2019]

The following material is for further reference: 

For the Canal Basin Project drawings see Canal Basin Drawings

Pdf of the Interpretation Panel Mounted by the Picnic Site as part of the EAFRD Project: Whitchurch Arm History Interpretation Panel.

Web References and YouTube Videos

Past Presentations and Project Information:

Presentation Looking at Options that led to decision to pursue the Canal Basin  2010 EGM_Presentation.pdf

Planning document showing area set aside for taking the canal into the town.  Whitchurch Plan for 2000 to 2011 note Canal Restoration Area.pdf

Close up of above::   Part of Whitchurch Plan for 2000 to note Canal Restoration Area.pdf

Detailed look at issues implementing the 2004 Inclined Plane Project:  Consolidation Report on Canal Into Town 2009 37 Pages.pdf

Detailed Costings updated for Inflation 2006 to 2009:  WWT Costings Water Park 2009.pdf

The Approved Plans for the Inclined Plane and Waterpark Project:  Approved Plans 2004 NS_02_00988.pdf

Pdf of the PowerPoint Slides showing History Of The Canal,  History Of Whitchurch Canal (AGM 2014)