TSB Fund Raising for WWT

In November 2017 the Whitchurch Branch of the TSB chose The Whitchurch Waterway Trust as their new Charity Partner for2017/18. The partnership will run until August 2018 and will host many fundraising events throughout the year.

The first event was a cake sale which proved very successful, raising £183.71.
This was followed by a pumpkin carving fundraiser for Halloween at the end of October.

The TSB have also generously donated £100 from their own funds.

 We are very appreciative of the work put in by the TSB staff in support of the Trust, much of which was done in their spare time, and it is encouraging to see the bank participating in initiatives for the community.
There is also a book stall permanently within the branch so if any one wishes to purchase or donate adults' or children’s books please call in at the TSB. Books are sold for a donation.