Whitchurch Waterway Trust is a registered Charity no:  701050

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The Whitchurch Waterway Trust owns and manages the Whitchurch Arm of the Llangollen Canal and seeks to extend it further towards the town centre.


In 2017 EAFRD funded Stage One of the Canal Basin Project.    For details see /projects/eafrd-funded-stage-one

See the Meetings Page for information on the Trust's next meeting and minutes of past meetings.
See the Projects Page for information about volunteering, the Canal Extension and Basin Project and work to improve the canal arm and its surroundings.
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Amazing community volunteer work

The Whitchurch Waterway Trust were delighted with the amazing community volunteer work in March to drain and resurface the narrow part of the towpath, and also more recently with volunteers who came to help with tidying vegetation on the Whitchurch Arm.

The Whitchurch Arm used to go all the way into a basin in Mill Street, but was closed by Act of Parliament in 1944 and filled in with domestic refuse by the council in the 1950s. The Whitchurch Arm as it exists today was restored by The Whitchurch Waterway Trust in 1993. Consequently it is owned and maintained by The Whitchurch Waterway Trust, which is a charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers, and, unlike most canals in the UK, is neither owned nor maintained by The Canal and River Trust. There are occasionally big ticket maintenance costs to be paid for, such as dredging The only help The Whitchurch Waterway Trust receive from either Whitchurch Town Council or Shropshire Council is the occasional small grant of maybe a few hundred pounds - virtually everything that is done to look after the Arm and keep it in existence is done and paid for by members and volunteers.

The Whitchurch Arm may be short, but it is an important asset to Whitchurch - it not only brings boaters who spend money in the town, but also provides green space and a gateway to the rest of the canal system for the residents of Whitchurch. If it were not for The Whitchurch Waterway Trust, the likelihood is that it would be filled in again and the pleasant walk along it would be lost. If you enjoy and approve of Whitchurch's own bit of canal, you can help by becoming a member, or a Trustee. If you would like to become a member, see http://www.whitchurchwaterway.uk/about/membership on our website.

More Trustees are needed as we only currently have 6 out of a possible 13 Trustees, which limits what we are able to do. It's not that hard, involving going to most monthly meetings (usually held in a Whitchurch pub), and sometimes the odd few hours a week being involved in some of the work we do. It's quite often possible for you to choose and shape the role you would like to play, and some of the work can be entirely done at a home computer, eg being Treasurer, Secretary or Membership Secretary. You could come to a few meetings before deciding to become a Trustee, and could ease into a role gradually. If you would like to know more about being a Trustee, or discuss what would be involved, or how your talents might be used, please email the Secretary on .

The Whitchurch Waterway Trust would like to thank all who volunteered for the recent tidying of vegetation and in particular, one of our members, Paul Millington, who organised the event in conjunction with Dave Smith, who is one of the Trustees. It just shows how involvement from local people can make a real difference to the environment we all live in. Whitchurch should be proud of them !

2021 Canal Festival

The Canal Festival has been cancelled due to uncertainties with  the Covid-19 Pandemic related restrictions..

It is anticipated that the 2022 Festival will go ahead.

Towpath Sorted by

Amazing Community Effort with some Crucial Expert Assistance

Saturday and Sunday March 20th and 21st 2021.

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Many thanks due to the many volunteers and crucially to Danny Humphries of DS Landscapes and Jack Peate of Shropshire Tool Hire.

Also Matt Spooner of Cheshire Demolition donated aggregates and Huws Gray donated drainage pipes.

Also thanks to those who found other areas particularly by the two bridges that needed some tidying up and those that worked tirelessly providing refreshments and to Tesco and others who donated cakes etc.

The whole stretch from the car park along to the gate to Chemistry farm is now transformed.

and to Paul Millington organiser extraordinaire for his ability to make this and his many other projects happen.  See Facebook    for a more complete list of those deserving thanks.

Whitchurch Herald Article


Download pics as Zip file.  Towpath.zip


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Restoration Updates see www.shropshireunion.org.uk/website/updates

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