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The Whitchurch Waterway Trust owns and manages the Whitchurch Arm of the Llangollen Canal and seeks to extend it further towards the town centre.

The recent major project was supported by:


See the Meetings Page for information on the Trust's next meeting and minutes of past meetings.
See the Projects Page for information about volunteering, the Canal Extension and Basin Project and work to improve the canal arm and its surroundings.


WWT Projects and Volunteering

EAFRD funded Stage one of the Basin Project which has been completed.  WWT has recently been working with its volunteers and with some work done by local contractors to further improve the area.

See these pages for information:  


WWT is working to update plans for the basin with a view to increasing volunteer content and decreasing costs.

Meanwhile regular sessions on Sundays are held to maintain the arm and the area to the east of the arm and to make the area between the two bridges into a more atractive "Gateway".

Please email volunteering@whitchurchwaterway.uk if you would like to help.

20th March 2018 More TSB Fund Raising for WWT

WWT Trustees Joan Crump and Ray Hatton receive a cheque for £500 from Jane Lunt and Kelly Lines of the Whitchurch Branch of the TSB. The cheque represents money raised through various fundraising initiatives run by the TSB staff.

Arm Closure January February 2018

CRT confirmed on January 9th 2018 that from 29th January Canal and River Trust contractors will be putting a dam at the end of the Arm to enable work to be done on the coping stones on the corner.  As they are using lime mortar it takes a while to 'cure' so the stoppage will be 2-3 weeks.  The arm itself will not be closed using stop planks but the dam will make boat access impossible.

TSB Fund Raising for WWT

In November 2017 the Whitchurch Branch of the TSB chose The Whitchurch Waterway Trust as their new Charity Partner for2017/18. The partnership will run until August 2018 and will host many fundraising events throughout the year.

The first event was a cake sale which proved very successful, raising £183.71.
This was followed by a pumpkin carving fundraiser for Halloween at the end of October.

The TSB have also generously donated £100 from their own funds.

 We are very appreciative of the work put in by the TSB staff in support of the Trust, much of which was done in their spare time, and it is encouraging to see the bank participating in initiatives for the community.
There is also a book stall permanently within the branch so if any one wishes to purchase or donate adults' or children’s books please call in at the TSB. Books are sold for a donation.


Shropshire Union Canal Society: "Cuttings" Magazines

Downloadable from their website at www.shropshireunion.org.uk/the-society/magazine or using these links for recent editions.
2017: Winter   Autumn   Summer   Spring ,
2016: Winter    Autumn   Summer   Spring

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